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Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Improvement

The trend these days seems most people are going for custom kitchen cabinets instead of the usual ready made ones. This reason being is custom kitchen cabinets allow people a lot more freedom in expressing what they would like their kitchen to be like. Your first step in finding this sort of custom kitchen cabinet, there are some specific elements which you have to keep in mind:

First Price

If you want the look of custom kitchen cabinets, you have to first make sure they fit in your budget. This means you should do your research contacting contractors and obtaining price quotes in writing. This is actually pretty easy to accomplish, since most craftsmen will be able to provide you with an estimate of the project before they actually start building the custom kitchen cabinets.

Second Dimensions

The size of your new custom kitchen cabinets ? This is the first question that the contractor will ask you. In considering this factor, you have to keep in mind the size of your present space. It is actually pretty important to take measurements of where you plan to place the custom kitchen cabinets so that you can be sure that the specifications you will give to the craftsman will be accurate.

Third Design

You should also consider the overall look and design of the custom kitchen cabinet you are planning to buy. The best thing you can probably do is to match up the custom kitchen cabinet design with the design of the kitchen itself. The design of the custom kitchen cabinet determines just how much you will be able to appreciate it. The custom kitchen cabinet design also sets the mood for the area where you place the furniture.

Fourth Features

Another reason why so many people choose to buy custom kitchen cabinets is the fact that they can add features which no other person may have thought of. These features may be used to enhance the usage of the custom kitchen cabinets or they can just add some sophistication to the furnishing.

How to Improve Kitchen Area

Kitchen Improvement

Renovating an area in the house is an opportunity to change the
physical look, at the same time improves all the things that need
improvements. Kitchen is one of typical area that needs improvement. So
do you plan to have your kitchen renovated? Well here are some things
that will help you improve the aesthetic look of your kitchen:

Kitchen cabinets – sometimes kitchen cabinets lose its original beauty
over period of time most specially if it is made of low quality
materials. So when you renovate your kitchen make sure that you will buy
high quality kitchen cabinets that can last for many years. One example
is maple kitchen cabinets. These are made of maple which promises
durability so you can expect to use these for long. You shall also pick
right color for these kitchen cabinets so your kitchen will look more
elegant and pleasant for you, your family and your guests too.

Proper electricity circuit – for safety make sure that there is a nice
flow of electricity in your kitchen area. There are lots of appliances
here that need power from electricity so be sure that you take care of
this part.

3. Air ventilation – kitchen is naturally hot in
temperature due to the fire you use for cooking and all the electricity
from other appliances. Now if you do not have proper ventilation in here
the tendency is you will be suffocated or you will avoid cooking in the
kitchen which makes no sense at all. So with your renovation make sure
you have enough windows so the hot air can leave the place and also some
exhaust fan to help ventilate the area. With this you will have easier
time cooking and at the same time you will not feel too much heat and
avoid suffocation too.

4. Kitchen Appliances – in renovating or improving
your kitchen area you can also include kitchen appliances that need to
be changed. For example the rice cooker you are using is over 10 years
now and there are times that it is not working properly. Good thing to
do is move on from this rice cooker and get another one. This is also
important to avoid any unexpected and unwanted events that a damaged
rice cooker can cause. Safety is still your number one priority so do
not use things that are not working properly.

5. Kitchenware – it
can also be fun to have new sets of kitchenware every now and then most
especially for kids. They will have more gusto in eating when there’s
new set of plates, spoons, forks and knives also glasses in the dining

These are some areas that you can also consider when you
are renovating or improving your kitchen. All of these can contribute to
aesthetically beautiful interior of the kitchen and most especially
these will promote safety and cleanliness to your living. There should
always be a balance of beauty and function so make sure to look at these
areas when you are ready to improve the condition of your kitchen.

Common Cents For Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Improvement

Seems old Ben Franklin was ahead of his time. With the nation in
economic turmoil, in no other day and age has the adage, “A penny saved
is a penny earned” been more relevant. And while it may seem like an
impossibility in today’s financial climate, there are many ways to save a
pretty penny when it comes to revamping your kitchen. To simplify
matters, let’s focus our cost-saving efforts on the heart of the room:
the kitchen cabinets.

In a recent article titled “Be penny-wise
with your kitchen,” the Post-Bulletin offered some “common cents” tips
to bring about satisfying kichen results. Among their advice was:

– “Not only is it (painting) the least costly of almost anything you
can do, it can have the largest impact. Changing the color will create a
fresh canvas for updating the look in just a day or two.” That advice
is fine and dandy if your existing kitchen cabinets are in sound shape,
but what if they need an overhaul? Look for a kitchen cabinet
manufacturer that provides preassembled and ready-to-assemble cabinetry
in a variety of finish colors. Cream and white cabinet finishes give a
fresh, clean appeal to your kitchen. Warm woods like cider, oak, bay and
hickory lend a cozy kitchen cabinet appeal. Darker woods like Nile
gloss, burgundy and Ruxton brown lend a rustic cabin flavor.

– “Shop stock items or semi-custom cabinets that can give you custom
craftsmanship.” Opting for preassembled and ready-to-assemble kitchen
cabinets saves you not only money but also time. That means you’ll be
able to start enjoying your new kitchen much more quickly than you would
if you had to wait for custom cabinetry options. Don’t, however, feel
that you’ll lose out on that personalized attention to detail by
choosing preassembled or ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets. Select a
kitchen cabinet manufacturer that offers a variety of customization
options on its preassembled and ready-to-assemble cabinetry. Some of the
add-on features you can still expect to enjoy include decorative
molding, lazy Susans, roll-out trays, fillers, light rails, matching toe
kicks, specialty end panels and heat shields.

Increasing storage – The Post-Bulletin’s expert “sees
clients changing from a U-shape design to an L-design and adding an
island or increasing the size of the island to include an eating space.
… the homeowner can get a new look and more storage and efficient
usage of space.” To that end, seek out a manufacturer of
ready-to-assemble and preassembed kitchen cabinets that offers an online
design tool. That way, you can plan your new kitchen right down to the
last detail, thereby ensuring that your new preassembled or
ready-to-assembled kitchen cabinets fit correctly. In this case, there’s
another old adage you can ignore: “Measure twice, cut once.” That’s
because the well-prepared kitchen cabinet manufacturer take all of the
guesswork out of the equation for you!

By adhering to the
aforementioned helpful hints and planning guidelines, you can create an
attractive, functional kitchen, as well as ensure your project is
completed as smoothly as possible … all without wasting a single
penny. Our sage founding father, Ben Franklin, would surely approve.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Tips Wallpaper My What

Kitchen Improvement

While you might think that wallpaper is unhip, uncool or simply not shabby chic trending fashion designers believe that wallpaper is a quick and inexpensive fix for those not-so-chic cabinets and drawers throughout your home. Wallpaper can transform any space from drab to fab in a matter of minutes. Don’t think that it’s possible? Check of these fabulous ideas for wallpaper throughout your home, and do not forget to include them in your next kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project.

Backs of Cabinets in Kitchenhen

Unless you have top-of-the-line, custom designed cabinets or if you have just completed a kitchen cabinet reface as part of a kitchen remodeling project, your kitchen cabinets are probably not as trendy and beautiful as you would like. To spruce up those boring kitchen cabinets and make your new tableware stand out as it should, apply wallpaper to the inside back of your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet backs are usually painted or vinyl so they do not always hold up as they should through the years, but adding wallpaper to the inside back of your cabinets can help spruce up your cabinets quickly, easily and affordably.

Backs of Shelving in Linen Closet

Bathrooms are often the overlooked aspect of any home, but you use them multiple times every day, so why neglect the bathroom? Bathroom remodeling is becoming increasingly popular is recent years with the downturn of the economy. Instead of buying a new home, many people are simply upgrading the homes they have. One quick way to upgrade your bathroom without spending an arm and a leg is by adding wallpaper to the backs of your linen closet and the inside of your bathroom cabinets. If you have a cabinet that sits above or over your toilet, those cabinets are also ideal for wallpapering. By adding a few pieces of wallpaper throughout your bathroom, you are able to upgrade your space without spending a ton of money on bathroom remodeling.

Lining of Drawers

Throughout your home you can pieces of wallpaper for touches of color and freshness. Some examples include, in the drawers of your antique hutch, the drawers in your kitchen, the drawers in your bathroom, drawers in your guest room or even in office spaces and wherever else you find a place. Wallpaper does not have to simply go on the walls. Get creative and be unique with your style.

While many people believe that wallpaper is a faux pas of the past, trending designers have revamped this old technique to make it modern, fashionable and desirable. Spruce up your bathroom, kitchen and drawers with wallpaper for a quick, easy and affordable alternative to kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. Be creative and crazy with your love of patterns and colors. Trends are what you make of them. After all, who said wallpaper is dead?

RTA Kitchen Cabinets – What Are They And Why Are They So Popular

Kitchen Improvement

RTA or Ready-To-Assemble Cabinets have been around for quite a
while, but because of manufacturing improvements over the past couple of
years, there are now more and more companies manufacturing and selling
Ready-To-Assemble Kitchen &

Bathroom Cabinets (RTA), with higher quality standards. Lets face
it, the kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms in a house to build
or renovate. Other than your countertop selection, kitchen cabinets are
going to be the most expensive part of your kitchen remodel. Custom
kitchen cabinets can cost anywhere from $10,000-$100,000 depending on
the type of wood, brand name, and amount of detail you are looking for.
With the current state of the mortgage industry, and slowdown in the
housing market, most people are looking for a way to increase the resale
value of their home without a huge financial investment that they may
or may not get back when they sell their house. Is there such a thing as
budget kitchen cabinets?

RTA Kitchen Cabinets are the solution.
RTA stands for Ready-To-Assemble. This category of cabinets includes
everything from the particle board cabinets you find at Ikea that you
assemble yourself, to the pre-assembled cabinets you find at Home Depot
or Lowes, or the RTA cabinets that you find on-line that have plywood
sides and come ready-to-assemble in a box. As you can see by the
descriptions, there are different levels of quality and material used in
Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) cabinets. Some of the RTA cabinets that you
find on-line end up being stronger and sturdier than the name brand
cabinets because they are using a solid plywood cabinet box for their
construction. When looking at the structure of the cabinet, always make
sure that they are using solid wood for the cabinet face and stiles,
plywood for the cabinet box itself, and a plywood or solid wood back for
a strong connection to the studs in the wall.

The key to a high
quality (RTA) Ready-To-Assemble cabinet is how the cabinet is held
together. Some of the lower end RTA cabinets use wood glue and staples
or screws to hold the cabinet box together. These types of kitchen
cabinets have a tendency to separate or split apart where the staples or
screws connect to frame. For a high quality RTA cabinet, make sure that
they use a cam lock assembly. What is a cam lock assembly? A cam lock
assembly is simply a locking system that you turn using a screwdriver to
interlock the cabinet panels in place. It comes in two versions: one is
a hidden assembly that uses a combination of pegs and rotating locks,
while the other one is an exposed cam lock which also uses rotating
locks. Both systems are simple use and do not require any assembly
experience, which makes it a great option for home owners and/or novice
DIY Handymen.

Availability is another huge advantage to using RTA
Cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom project. One of the biggest
problems with custom cabinets is the lead time required to order and get
your cabinets in time for installation in your house. Most require 6-8
weeks in order to produce and ship your cabinets. With RTA cabinets, you
can walk into a home supply store and buy them as needed, or most RTA
Importers/Distributors traditionally ship with 1-2 weeks (some even
faster). This allows you to adjust to the inevitable changes that will
occur in your project, plus it doesn’t slow you down in the event of
miscalculations… a miscalculation with custom cabinets could delay
your project for an additional 2-3 months.

What it ultimately
comes down to with (RTA) Ready-To-Assemble Kitchen Cabinets is the cost.
A full kitchen of ready-to-assemble cabinets can cost as little as
$2,500 whether as the same kitchen built with custom cabinets could be
5x, 10x, or even 20x that cost before installation. With
Ready-To-Assemble cabinets, you could easily assemble and install the
cabinets yourself and avoid the high labor costs associated with custom
cabinet installation. If you are interested in finding some simple
design tools to get started on your kitchen, check out some of my other
articles at Squidoo and Hubpages under Nealon52 for step-by-step
instructions on how to measure your kitchen, along with step-by-step
instructions for installing them.

I have been installing RTA
cabinets in all of my rental and flipped properties for years. I have
been able to save thousands on each kitchen by shopping around. If you
want to find out my secrets for saving thousands, check out some of my
other articles.

Kitchen Cabinets What Fits Your Style

Kitchen Improvement

Cabinets are normally a large part of your kitchen’s design. They are most likely the focal point of the space. If you are in an older home that needs a kitchen facelift, there’s a wide range of styles, materials and other design features available today. You may find what you are looking for already in the store, and you can simply have them installed. However, if you have specific design ideas in mind that require custom carpentry, you can go that route, also. Whatever you are looking for, you can find something that fits your style and budget.

Styles Cabinets are generally classified as traditional, contemporary, or modern. Traditional, or “classic”, products will likely have a bit more detail and a rich, wood look. Contemporary designs are usually more sleek and smooth, and may come in various materials, in addition to wood. Modern designs are a combination of traditional and classic.

Material Most cabinets are made of wood. Some are made of composite wood, which looks nice and is a cost efficient option for many. However, you usually cannot beat the look and quality of real wood. Different companies may offer different types of wood for their product line, but typically you will find oak, walnut, cherry and pine. When selecting the wood, you’ll decide on a finish that is light, dark or somewhere in between. You may also decide to have painted wood. Most companies can accommodate any paint color to coordinate with the rest of your kitchen.

Doors and Hardware Once you’ve decided on your type of cabinet and the material, you also want to look at the door style. A smooth, plain panel design works well in many kitchens. You may want doors with molding or some of them with glass panes. The amount of handles, knobs, and hinges are almost endless. Choose from options that are fancy or simple, brushed nickel, pewter or painted, large or small, and much, much more!

Use Keep in mind where and how your cabinets will be used. In the kitchen, you will likely have storage needs for above and below your countertops. Make sure you have the needed space and shapes to store short, tall, wide and narrow items. Installing a Lazy Susan is a great option for corner storage and easy access.

No matter the style, many companies will have cabinets in stock and ready to be delivered or shipped to your home. Most companies also offer installation services. If you let the companies know your needs and how much of the work you’d like to do, they can let you know some potential cost savings. Visit a cabinet store in person to get one-on-one assistance, or use an online kitchen-planning tool to get started on your new design, today!

Are you thinking about installing new cabinets? Syracuse, NY, residents can visit our site to browse our great selection. .

Kitchen Remodeling Isn’t Just For the Pros You CAN Update Your Kitchen Yourself!

Kitchen Improvement

Kitchen remodeling is one of those major projects that homeowners
are afraid to tackle themselves, but with a little sweat equity and
help from the local home improvement store, anyone can renovate their
own kitchen. Don’t be intimidated: if I can do it, so can you!

I bought my current house, it hadn’t been updated since 1973. There was
sculpted shag, white and gold linoleum… you get the picture. The
flooring was an easy change. I ripped out carpet and put in Pergo
Select, scraped up linoleum and laid heavy weight vinyl tiles that look
like slate, and hired someone to replace the carpet in the bedroom. But
the kitchen also looked like a blast from the 70s. After some thought
and major design planning, I decided to tackle the renovation myself.
The process was easy and my new kitchen cabinets look fabulous!

one was to assess the current state of my cabinets… I soon learned
that the cabinets weren’t solid wood, meaning I couldn’t sand off the
dark stain. That meant priming and painting! A light scuff roughed up
the cabinets enough to take the primer, and then I painted the cabinets
an antique white. To give them that professionally finished look, I took
out the shelves and painted the interior, too. The shelves were
finished off with a coat of paint on the bottom and contact paper on

The old cabinet doors didn’t have knockout center panels, so
to get the glass-front look I wanted, they had to be replaced. I chose
unfinished oak frames, doors and drawer fronts from my local home
improvement store. To place my order, I measured each existing door and
drawer carefully–measure, measure, and measure again to make sure your
new cabinet doors will fit! I also made a diagram so I would know which
doors went where.

Once delivery day arrived, there was still tons of
work in front of me. I got out my trusty measuring tape and measured the
cabinet door frames for the glass inserts. I gave the Delphi glass rep
the measurements and the number of pieces, and she figured out how many
sheets of glass I needed. Then, while I waited for the glass to arrive, I
sanded and finished with doors with a satin, water-based polyurethane
for durability and a beautiful finish.

Cutting the glass was easy,
if a little stressful. Mark your glass with a grease pencil to make
sure you get the layout right! This ensures you have minimum waste and
you get all the pieces you need. When your glass inserts are cut, run a
bead of clear silicone caulk around the inside edge of the cabinet door
frame. Lay in your glass and secure it with glazing points; leave it
flat until the caulk cures.

When the time came to install the new
glass-front cabinet doors, I got lucky-my new doors lined up with the
screw holes from the old doors. If yours don’t, simply measure the
difference and drill your new pilot holes before hanging. The drawer
fronts are not difficult to remove. and you can use the same holes to
install them. You will have to drill the holes for attaching your pulls,
though, so measure, mark, and pre-drill them before attaching the
drawer fronts.

That’s all it takes: a few simple steps, very basic
home improvement know-how, and the desire for affordable, beautiful new
kitchen cabinets! My new cabinets are glass on top, solid doors on the
bottom and look truly gorgeous. At a cost of $800.00 plus labor (all
mine!) they were less expensive than all-new cabinets. I have a
great-looking new kitchen and I’m proud that I did it myself.

Create your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen Improvement

Make a new kitchen with great kitchen renovations. Are you
sick of the same old kitchen? Do you want to upgrade and change the
areas where you entertain a company and spend time with your family?
Reconstructing your kitchen is a remarkable way to increase the value of
your house and better they way you feel about your house. Of course,
redoing is a huge step to take. It can be problematic to know where to
begin. It’s a big step to take. Still it can turn a dull kitchen into
your dream kitchen. This is definitely worth the outcome.

Before you start to build you should have a detailed
project of how your kitchen should look like. The first kitchen
remodeling advice is to create a plan before you begin. Having a wide
plan ahead of plunging into a kitchen redo is very essential. One easy
way to envision your different kitchen is to use a computer software.
Use it to make a virtual kitchen. Add items you want and get a sense how
your new kitchen would look like. This software is typically very
inexpensive and they let users to try out some things before actually
putting them into kitchens. You can also use these programs for figuring
out a budget. how much your remodel will cost before you start it.

helpful advice is to remember that space is limited. Jamming too many
things into your kitchen can be a huge problem. There are several ways
figuring out how much material your kitchen can take. Picture that there
is an angle between the fridge, stove and sink. That triangle will be
26 feet or less. For the best kitchen efficiency you will want to take
this into account when redoing. Something else you should do is find out
if all of the doors of your appliances and cabinets open well and you
can maneuver with ease when cooking or working.

your space is another helpful tip to follow. Organize surfaces.
Flooring, countertops, cabinets and walls should all be organised.
Picturing each of those surfaces is the key. Anyone that is not sure in
their power to do this should find someone else who can. The first place
to go is a home design store where an assistant will be able to assist
you. An assistant will be able to help you come up with ways to make
your kitchen special and sensible. Also before you begin the remodel, it
is a good idea to know what you want the overall result to be. Remodels
are big projects but by sticking with a few helpful guidelines your
kitchen makeover will go smoothly.

Chakla Belan & Plastic Containers Become Kitchen Decor Items

Kitchen Improvement

Our life depends upon many small sized articles that we use daily but we hardly notice their importance. Everyone uses variety of plastic containers for varying purposes. Similarly, chakla belan is essential for every Indian kitchen. Plastic containers facilitate us to keep various eatables and other essential small sized goods in well arranged manner.

When we approach the stores to buy kitchen good, we come across wide range of chakla belan also. Until few decades before, these were made only from wood. But now these are made in variety of materials like marble and plastic. According to Indian tradition, wooden chakla and belan are considered good because wood is considered more human friendly. But the ladies, who are more specific about the aesthetic appeal of their kitchen, like marble chakla. These look beautiful and come in variety of colors and sizes. These are fragile if fall from heights while wooden one lasts long. However, wooden chakla is more prone to dents if we use these to crush something over it.

Belans are essential to make chapatis evenly plane and better shaped, are generally made of wood. Some stores offer that is made of plastic also. These are stronger than plastic ones. Selection depends upon personal liking. As chakla and belan both are low cost units, so you can change these anytime.

The other important item that is found in every Indian kitchen is plastic containers. These are used to store pulses and spices. These come in variety of sizes and shapes. Round or rectangular shaped containers are more popular. Ladies prefer air tight containers because these keep the eatables safe for longer period. You may get these in , , 1, 1 & or more capacities. As these are made of plastic, so these should be kept away from the paces that may have high temperature.

Some manufacturers offer plastic containers made of sub-grade plastic to reduce the cost. Avoid to use such containers. When your eatables remain in the contact of sub-grade plastic, taste and smell may get affected. Smart ladies prefer to buy plastic containers, which are in recyclable category.

Kitchen Cabinets – Some Things to Remember

Kitchen Improvement

If you are either building a home or remodeling, you know how
much a good looking kitchen cabinet can be for your home. The same holds
true for a bathroom cabinet. There are many different places to look
for both kitchen and bathroom cabinet supplier. You also need to know
how to look for these things as well as know what to do to get the best
price and value for your money and time.

Comparison Shop for These Items

There are many
different places to look both online and offline for either a bathroom
or kitchen cabinets. From building stores, to specialty stores and
everything in between, both the internet and offline locations have many
different suppliers. Bear in mind that to get the best value for your
money, you will need to comparison shop for what you want and need in
the building project for the least amount of money without sacrificing
quality for the project you have in mind. This is one way to get what
you want at a price that you can afford.

Look Into Discount Suppliers

going to a building store or superstore, you may not be getting your
money’s worth for the cabinet of your dreams. Discount stores may be the
best way to go for either a kitchen or bathroom cabinets. While these
ideas may be looked at with scorn, bear in mind that the discount stores
usually have same or better quality than the building stores for half
the price. So think about this area for when you have to get cabinetry
for your next building project.

Join Consumer Clubs

this sounds a bit crazy, if you are not a professional builder, getting
either a bathroom or kitchen cabinet can be expensive. There are
different consumer clubs that are similar to discount stores, but offer a
deeper discount because. This is why they can offer such deep discounts
to members of these clubs. This is a little known secret that can save
you a lot when it comes to building projects of this sort as well as
saving you money and time in the long run. These clubs also have
professional installers on site.

Extra Helpful Hints

in mind that there are many ways to shop for bathroom or kitchen
cabinets. There are also many different suppliers for you to choose from
when looking at a construction point of view.

You should
remember that true kitchen cabinets are cabinets which have been custom
designed as per your design and specifications. Whether you are looking
for an outdoor kitchen cabinet or indoor kitchen cabinet you are bound
to find a supplier who will delight you with kitchen cabinet designs
available with them and also provide you various options so that you can
get the kitchen cabinets you always desired to possess.