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Mexican Corona Premium Pine Furniture – Cheap Pine Bedroom Furniture – Staffordshire


Pine Furniture is now more popular than ever because it offer the quality and strength of solid wood at a very affordable price.

Mexican Corona Furniture imports the Mexican Corona pine range from Brazil and by keeping overheads to a minimum it now offers the cheapest pine furniture in the UK. Pine bedside cabinets are priced at under 40 each and double wardrobes for less than 150. You wont find a better pine furniture price guaranteed.

Pine TV units are less than 70 and pine sideboards for under 100. The Mexican Corona Pine Furniture range has a rustic finish with a distressed pine appearance which is characteristic of the Mexican and Latin American region.

Mexican Corona Furniture is pushing all of its manufacturers to offer wood from sustainable forests and the pine furniture Corona range is no exception with many of the items being sourced from forests that get replanted so that there in minimal impact on the environment and ecosystem. Corona Pine Furniture is a self assembly pine furniture range that comes in flat pack format which comes with very easy to understand assembly instructions.

There are huge number of items in this pine furniture range for furnishing your lounge, bedroom and dining room. The amazing value of this pine range means that its perfect for furnishing flats or apartments on a budget for letting out. So if you are looking for a large coffee table, pine bookcase, large wardrobe or maybe a TV stand for your new plasma TV at an affordable cheap price but for a high quality product then the Mexican Corona Pine Furniture range could be the answer.

Please visit Mexican Corona Furniture to view their latest pricing promotions and additions to this great pine furniture range.

Art Deco Bedroom Styles


Art Deco is still one of the most sought after design schemes especially for bedrooms. The simplistic glamour and sleekness of art deco design makes it perfect for a striking bedroom scheme. Art Deco was characterised by its bold yet simple and deliberate shapes, attractive patterns and neutral luxurious colour palette.

The Art Deco period was one of sophistication and glamour with a quiet air of extravagance and money. Glamorous with an eclectic mix of textures and designs summed up this sumptuously design forward look. The Art Deco bedroom was one that made a feature out of the bedroom no longer leaving it just for sleeping but rather a room for spending time, relaxing and luxuriating in. Moving the bedroom on from a place for your bed and to sleep in left room for the introduction of a wider range of pieces of bedroom furniture. For instance the bedroom was no longer just for a bed but there were armchairs, chaise lounges, writing desks, feature lamps, rugs and screens.

A portrayal of wealth and affluence was significant of bedroom furniture design from the Art Deco period which originated in Europe in the early part of the 20th century particularly taking precedence after the Great War and symbolising the 1920s and 1930s.

The Art Deco movement in bedroom furniture showcased the varieties of wood that could be utilised and the different look that each type gave to the overall feel of the room. Some of the most popular choices were Violet Wood, richly vibrant in colour originating from Brazil and also known as Kingwood. Ebony and Mahogany because of there striking colours and their connotative indications of affluence and expense were also popular choices for bedroom furniture in an Art Deco room.

Wood played a huge part in the Art Deco movement being shaped and formed into exquisite patterns and shapes, often combined with other pieces of furniture in a mixture of textiles such as in an armchair with a wood inlay. Another trend was the massively popular parquet flooring of the 20s and 30s which was a geometric pattern of wood giving a much sought after wood effect which is still a popular choice of flooring today.

The Art Deco bedroom colour scheme was one of two facets from the luxurious, natural colour palette of cream, monochrome, dove and gunmetal grey to strong geometric patterns and striking sunbursts. Often the richer colours were used as accents in an Art Deco bedroom with the fabric of a dressing table stool, or cushions on an armchair or bed linen being a slightly bolder more striking colour choice than the walls or larger pieces of furniture which were often wood anyway.