You Cannot Beat Mahogany Dollhouse Furniture, Or Can You


Mahogany for Dollhouse Furniture

When looking at wood material for dollhouse furniture mahogany is a great pick for its strength and scratch resistant nature. It not only is strong, mahogany has a very rich color that attracts the eye in any dollhouse ensemble. To be honest, no dollhouse feels complete without a bit of mahogany to add a collectors feel to it. Perhaps mahogany is so sought after is due to the romantic feel, in fact most victorian dollhouse pieces are made from its wood

Maple Material with Dollhouses

Maple has a very lovely creamy white to light reddish brown look. Maple is an extremely dense wood that is used on many indoor courts including professional basketball quarts. In fact maple wood in regards to dollhouse furniture kits is probably one of the most scratch resistant that you will find on the market. Maple is also very versatile and could be placed in any style of dollhouses.

Dollhouse Bathrooms

Most dollhouse bathroom kits are pretty simple: they include a tub, a toilet, a sink, and sometimes a mirror. There is actually an extensive variety of colors, patterns, and materials for these items, so there are just as many choices for you in the bathroom as in any other room in the dollhouse. Accessories also really give a lot of individuality to your dollhouse bathroomyou can add a towel rack, a few hygiene items, or a medicine cabinet, for example.

Outdoor Dollhouse Furniture

Your beautiful dollhouse will be even more fascinating when you put some furniture items around the outside areas. Items such as patio furniture and porch swings distinguish your dollhouse from typical ones, and show the pride in details you take. Also, outdoor items accent the beautiful exterior you worked so hard to create

Bedroom Dollhouse Furniture

Every dollhouse needs a dollhouse bedroom. There are so many styles, colors, designs, and furniture pieces available that each bedroom set is truly unique. Details you may find include beautifully made bedding and intricate carvings.

Unfinished Dollhouse Furniture and Kits

Unfinished furniture and furniture kits give you the same satisfaction and freedom that you get from building your own dollhouse kit. Unfinished furniture items are already assembled but can be decorated in any way you want; they are quite sturdy. Furniture kits are unassembled, but once you put them together they will appear as they do in the picture.

Dollhouse Dining Room Furniture

Dining rooms will help to make your dollhouse look extremely elegantand/or extremely fun Though many dining room sets are meant to be rather classy, countrified and hand-painted dining room sets are also available to add some brightness and character to your dollhouse. This is a great area of your dollhouse to play make believewhether children are pretending to have company at dinner, or you are displaying a great tea set

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